What Are the Frequent Causes of Roof Damage?

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Your roof is one part of your home that’s essential. It’s what keeps you and your home sheltered from the outside elements. When your roof is damaged, you risk yourself and loved ones to injury, as well as, do further harm to your homes’ structure. Whether you are looking to have a new roof installed or just extend the life of your existing roof, you can look for a reputed roofing company Stoke on Trent for your roof repair and installation needs.

According to roofing experts, these are the 5 common causes of roof damage

  1. Clogged gutters

Gutters should be regularly checked and kept clean, because once clogged, it can no longer effectively direct water away from your roof which results to water build-up. This can eventually cause leaks, rotting, weaken your roofing material, and severe damage to your roof.

  1. Lack of care

Most homeowners don’t check or clean their roofs, as frequently, as they should. So, how often should you take a look at your roof? Spending time to check the gutters for cracked or rotted areas, missing nails or holes on your roof and see if there’s missing tiles or shingles, can have a small problem fixed to help prevent further damage. In addition, take a look at your ceilings for any obvious gaps or leaks.

  1. Weather

The sun, hailstorms, hurricane, wind, rain and pollutants can all harm your roof. Your roofing material should be dependent on the area and type of weather you are located.

  1. Tree limbs and debris

Heavy winds can cause snapping of tree limbs or branches which can cause damage to your roof. Always keep the space around your roof free of debris by trimming away large tree branches that are touching your roof.

  1. Birds and outside animals

These animals will find a means to make their way into your dwelling, so they tear away vent covers and shingles.  Check your roof frequently to keep animals out and your roof protected.

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